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Calista Necklace

The centerpiece of this 18k gold plated necklace is a robust chain, crafted with rectangular links that create a bold, modern silhouette. Suspended from the golden chain are four unique charms. The first charm, a round metal piece, is exquisitely textured to reflect light from every angle. The second charm, a nickel coin, adds a vintage touch to the assortment, paying homage to timeless elegance. The third charm, a teardrop-shaped semi-howlite piece, brings an organic and serene touch to the necklace, while known to strengthen the memory and stimulating the desire for knowledge. Lastly, a clear glass stone charm elegantly dangles, catching and refracting light to create a dazzling display of sparkle. The necklace's versatile style makes it suitable for adding a touch of luxury to casual outfits or complementing the sophistication of more formal attire. All protected with an essential long lasting tarnish resistant finish to make a beautiful timeless classic. 

18K Gold Plated - 80% Brass, 10% semi-precious(howlite), 10% Glass

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