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Love Hidden Fortune Candle

Like a fortune cookie, but a candle! Have your fortune told as the candle burns

The love set includes "dispel negativity through creative activities. Like prank calling your ex until you're blocked." and 3 other surprise fortunes! We love chinese food and all, but honestly the best part is the fortune cookie. And since veggie lo mein is now off-limits–atkins, man–we had the boys in the lab cook these babies up instead. Through the ancient science of heat and light, your fortune will appear as the candle burns. Confucius said, “better to light one small candle than curse the darkness.” smart guy. Hidden fortune candles: Duo-wick soy wax candle with heat-sensitive label. Size: 3 ½″ h × 3 ¼″ d. Burn time: 40 hours. Net weight: 9 ounces.

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