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Spheira Bamboo Ultrasonic Diffuser-Other Body Care, Home Fragrance-Essential Oils-Ella's Keeping Company

Spheira Bamboo Ultrasonic Diffuser

Essential Oils
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The Sphiera has been designed to hydrate the air while diffusing your favourite essential oils. The unit uses cool vapour technology so the water and the oil are not heated, preserving the quality of the oil. One of the top essential oil diffusers on the market

  • Option button for two-speed setting 
  • Option button for LED lights 
  • Water Capacity - 600ml 
  • Operating time between fill-ups: approx 10 hours on high setting / 15 hours on low setting. 
  • Built-in safety shut off - for low water levels. 
  • Height 21cm | width 20cm 
  • 120v / 240v - power adaptor cUL approved - Operates on 18V 


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